General Information

Currently in use aboard luxury super and mega yachts as primary tenders, the Novurania Chase series is a both a world-class yacht tender and high-performance offshore sport boat.

The stylish designs are based on a deep “V” performance hull, providing a smooth and stable ride in choppy or rough offshore waters. Powered by either single or twin diesel engine options from industry leaders such as Volvo Penta or Yanmar; or a twin outboard option from Yamaha, the Novurania Chase series boasts a well-balanced mixture of performance, reliability, and fuel economy. As a world-class leader in luxury yacht tenders, we offer a variety of custom modifications to truly personalize this vessel to your tastes and requirements.

Experience the increased size, power, and range unrivaled in the yacht tender industry by the bespoke Novurania Chase series.

With its sleek design, yacht quality finish, and exciting technical innovations, Novurania’s Chase is both a world-class luxury yacht tender, and high performance sport boat. Powered by your choice of engine packages, the Chase offers remarkable economy, reliability, and safety with a variety of custom modifications to truly personalize this boat for you. The elegant design is based on a deep “V” performance hull, providing a smooth, stable ride in choppy offshore waters. Guests will be impressed by the comfortable ride provided by your tender even in rough offshore conditions.
Power choices include outboard, single or twin diesel engines from Yanmar or Volvo. You can choose to have this boat built to specs as a personal sport power-house or as a reliable transport vessel for the crew.

Currently in use aboard luxury super and mega yachts as primary tenders; the Chase series offers that coveted personal touch, with comfortable seating arrangements that can be modified in style and color according to your needs. Guests will admire the unique and stylish design of your well-appointed tender, as they effortlessly board the vessel through the side-hatch. The Novurania Chase is a smart choice in boat tenders with a well-balanced mixture of luxury, performance, reliability, and fuel economy. The Novurania Chase series is an excellent choice for those that seek an imposing luxury experience, extending beyond the mothership.


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The Novurania Difference


As the leading manufacturer of luxury yacht tenders, innovation is apparent in every model of our comprehensive line of boats. Our in-house engineers, equipped with the most advanced hardware and software applications, continue to introduce new models based on the needs of our direct clientele. Leading the industry through innovation has always been paramount at Novurania.

It is this spirit that makes Novurania the most sought-after luxury tender manufacturing company in the industry today. We do not just build a boat. We live them, build them, test them, improve them, and we do this continuously – day after day. It is not just about building boats – it is what we love to do – and because of this, Novurania will always be the Superior Choice.

Pioneering The Industry

Novurania has been bringing pioneering ideas to the water for over sixty years through innovative concepts, sophisticated styling, unsurpassed quality and proven engineering designs. With beginnings in the mid-1950’s, Novurania began as a rubber-coated fabric company, manufacturing inflatable bridges for Italian armed forces. This innovation quickly became valuable in the inflatable boat market as a high-quality alternative to traditional PVC-tubed inflatable boats. In 1989, as Novurania of America, Inc., the company built its first fiberglass hull in the USA and rapidly gained attention as a first-class producer of reliable tenders in the yachting industry.
Novurania has since built its impeccable reputation by hand-building one vessel at a time to the precise specifications of highly discerning clientele.

Passion For Detail

We have a passion for detail in the boats we produce and know that this is a passion appreciated by our knowledgeable and sophisticated owners. All Novurania yacht tenders will continue to be hand-built and bespoke by using high-technology processes in an exceedingly modern environment, designed to accommodate the production of multiple luxury and commercial line tenders. As a vertically integrated company, we design, manufacture, and assemble each boat individually while ensuring integration of only the highest quality materials and building processes.We continue to innovate, traveling worldwide for smart design ideas and progressive state-of-the-art equipment to keep Novurania at the leading edge of engineering and design.