Evolution Trailers

General Information

Evolution Trailer a leading designer and manufacturer of fully-custom, high-end, American-made aluminum boat trailers.

With nearly 1,000 trailers in service offers custom trailers for recreational boaters. 

Each Evolution trailer has been designed, built, and proven to perform: To haul better, and to launch and retrieve faster and easier. 

Evolution works with leading boat manufacturers and dealers from coast to coast. Each Evolution trailer is custom-designed to specifically fit a particular hull. This guarantees faster and easier launching and retrieval, and also assures a properly balanced trailer that is easier and safer to haul.

Evolution Trailer has taken a leadership role in the industry, with new approaches and innovative designs – proven through extensive military testing and service – that set these trailers apart from others. Evolution offers genuine enhancements that customers can’t find anywhere else. 

At Evolution, all materials premium, best-available, and all construction techniques are the result of inspired design.

Why Choose Evolution?

Brake Systems

All brake lines are 316L stainless. Evolution’s brake lines are far less prone to cracking and leaking over time. All brake lines are securely fastened to the trailer frame at 18” intervals using cushioned aircraft clamps. All brake pumps and control boxes are concealed within the aluminum trailer frame, reducing UV and weather exposure and ensuring longest possible operational life. 


All lighting is LE. Proprietary light boxes are flush-mount lights, far less vulnerable to breaking than conventional bolt-on lights. This design creates an air pocket when lights are submerged, keeping water out, so lights won’t blow out when the trailer is pulled out quickly.  



All wiring is marine-grade tinned copper. Wiring harnesses are custom made in-house and concealed in durable harness sleeves for protection. As a further precaution the sleeved harnesses are then secured to the trailer at 18” intervals using cushioned aircraft clamps eliminating chafing or loosening due to vibration. All electrical connections utilize watertight molded harness plugs, along with heat-shrink coating for an added layer of weather resistance.

Corrosion Protection

Evolution’s corrosion mitigation procedures have been developed in accordance with US military standards and fine-tuned based on direct feedback from military inspectors and end-user operators. Tef-Gel PTFE-based fastener lubricant is used on every threaded fastener to isolate electrolytes and eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion due to use of dissimilar metals like stainless steel and aluminum. 3M 4200 marine sealant is used to prevent water from getting caught between any two surfaces and causing corrosion. As previously mentioned, all hardware and brake lines are 316L stainless steel, and all wiring has been rendered fully watertight.